Friday, April 13, 2012

it's been 4 days

Four days ago little Toby came into our world.
Loud and sweet, perfect in every way!
   We are slowly learning what makes this little dude tic.
  I love to look at him and kiss his soft cheeks.

 The kids are in awe of Toby.  They caress his head and give him kisses.

James is definitely smitten with him.  He will stare at him and call him "precious".
James has been an amazing help this week.  
He's taken on full "homemaking" duties for me and he's doing so with flying colors!  
The laundry has been done, meals prepared and fed to the children and me!
Floors swept and even mopped!
I will miss his support and help next week when he goes back to work.
It will be just the kids and me....I'm somewhat nervous about that.


Laurie said...

I can see being a little nervous, but just look at that team all livin' up on Toby and ready to help and serve. And ready to absorb having a new baby brother. Everybody is adjusting to a new normal!

Olivia said...

I L♥ve him!!!

Tab, you will be just fine! Don't make yourself crazy trying to do everything!

I wish I could kiss those precious cheeks too!

His little toes are so cute! and his stripy outfit :)

tsbjf said...

He is precious! And how nice of James to be taking care of you all! Wonderful blessing, nice to have that solid recovery time right after delivery.

Izzy's Mommy said...

You will be FINE! You're a PRO! :) And your kids are great, I'm sure they will be on their best behavior. :) And you KNOW that if you need me I will come! Just don't hesitate to ask! xo