Saturday, May 19, 2012

baby love

I just love my Toby-Tob.

Thank you, James, for taking these photos.

Toby is getting so big already!
He's nearing 6 weeks and really
starting to fill out.

He's a sweet boy with cute smiles for
all of his family.


Anonymous said...

Your very welcome babe! ;-)

Olivia said...

Aw :)

tsbjf said...

Love the pictures of you and your Toby! And I've been meaning to say this for a loooong time, but I love your cute haircut! I know you got it before he was born. :)

4monkeys said...

Darling Toby!!! You look awesome Tab!!!

Laurie said...

Sweetness deluxe!

Laurie said...

"Toby Tob"! Awwwwww.