Monday, May 7, 2012

my midwife

There's something about my experience giving birth at home
with my midwife that created a special bond for me.

   She was such a great encouragement throughout my whole prenatal care with her.
   She was matter-of-fact and had lots of wisdom.
  Many times Jennifer (my midwife) was quick to dispel any fears I might have had.
I am so pleased with our decision to have Toby at home with a midwife.
It was stress-free and such a great personal time between James, Jennifer and me.

She was calm and quiet.  
She only gave words of encouragement and let me do what I wanted as I labored.
She told me when I should drink or eat and joked with me when I needed some laughter.

She was also awesome in that she let James catch 
Toby as we was born and was thrilled that he wanted to do it! 

This was taken at her office when we got his PKU test done.

She is such a happy person and was fun to have as my caregiver!
I'm going to miss seeing Jennifer every month since my last visit
with her will be when Toby is 6 weeks old.


Laurie said...

Your midwife is wonderful! Please give her (and Toby) a hug for me!
Love ya Tab!

Olivia said...

I am so glad you got to have such a wonderful experience with such an encoraging midwife!

tsbjf said...

She looks very kind & caring! Seems like such a relaxed setting to have a baby in.

4monkeys said...

I'm glad it went well and that you were so happy with the homebirth!