Thursday, May 3, 2012

sister and brother

While Marcail doesn't always seem very interested in Toby, 
she does give him affection quite often.
She loves Toby, but would rather be the one to care for him 100%, 
but since that's not an option, 
she mothers her dolls instead.

Marcail loves when he coos, 
she always says, "That's his cute sound, right mama?"  
And she will just stare at him with love and smile,
 trying to coax a smile from him.  
She also finds it amusing when she kisses his cheek and he starts rooting around.  
So she just kisses him on his open mouth
 and tells me he wanted a kiss on the lips.


Olivia said...

That is so cute!!! That made me smile and laugh! Those rooting kisses are so funny :) You have to get a little video of his sweet baby sounds Tab!!!

Laurie said...

She is taken with him too! Little Mommy would rather play with a real baby doll like her kissable brother than her pretend doll… at least until bedtime, huh! ;)