Monday, July 30, 2012

a trip within a trip

About two weeks ago, the kids and I were able to
visit Princess and her family in Overland Park for a few days.
It was an unplanned and wonderful surprise visit.
The kids all got along so well and Princess and I enjoyed
some much-needed friend time together.
We got to watch
Faesal (Princess' son) play baseball.
This is Salma at Faesal's ballgame.

Faesal, in the middle, getting ready for his game.

Rayon is watching,
shaded by his cap.

Abe loved Toby.  He thought it was pretty
awesome to get to hold him.

Henry, Ray, Nay Nay and Marc

My lovely friend since 3rd grade!

Love Abe's smile!

All the kids!
Rayon, Henry, Abe, Toby, Salma, Naomi, Marcail and Faesal

We put a clown wig on the baby.
Rayon is cracking up!

Foosball time!

We sent the kids to pick apples from a neighbor's tree.
We made 4 apple crisps with them!

At the neighborhood pool,
cooling off!

Breakfast time

Getting ready to grill some burgers!

Rayon playing "get away from Tab"!  Ha!  I got him.

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Laurie said...

Merry memory making!