Thursday, October 25, 2012

tree park

These pictures were all taken at a little walking park about 2 blocks from our house.
This little park, the "tree park" as we call it, is perfect for exploring.
We will walk down to the tree park and I'll let the kids
climb trees and play their games (they have fantastic imaginations!)
and I will walk around the path.
I can see them as they play and run around and 
Toby and I walk briskly around the path.
The tree park has a certain calm solitude about it
and it always helps me get in a better mood
if the day has been rough.
I spend my time praying, humming quietly to myself
or, if no one else is at the park, I'll talk to Toby.

While I was pregnant with Toby we came here almost
every day for at least an hour so that I could walk briskly for
my maternal exercise.
It was great for me and I feel kind of sentimental about this park.

Anyway, here's some pictures I've taken whilst walking the trail.
   I think the trees and lighting give the pictures a sort of
magical feel.


Laurie said...

Love your "tree park"! What a blessing!
Love the pics and imagining you and the kids enjoying it and each other!
I bet Toby loves the little walks and chats!

Olivia said...

Awesome pictures Tab! Looks like an great park!

tsbjf said...

We have a park that we call the "tree park" too!!! It used to just be a park with cool trees, but a couple of years ago the city put in a small playground. I still refer to it as the tree park though. I like the trees at yours! And wow, you were good at walking while preggo. I was never that regular until Hayley started school last year and so I was walking to and from every day. You're very disciplined!