Thursday, June 18, 2009

warm bread and butter

Henry is almost always the first one awake after nap. Henry is almost always the hungriest one after nap. Henry almost always tells me, 2 minutes after he comes out and hugs me, "I want a nack, mommy."
Yesterday was no exception. I hear their bedroom door open, listen for shuffling feet and watch for a honey-blonde head to walk around the couch. Henry spots me, stops, waits for me to smile and hold out my arms. Henry smiles and wraps his arms around me. He says, "Hi, mom." I squeeze him and toussle his sleepy hair. Next thing out of Henry's mouth, "I want a nack, mommy."
"You do?" I say, "What kind of snack?"
"Bread," he whispers. I grin. I have made two fresh loaves this week. I am happy to comply with such a sweet request. As I warm up some slices of bread, Henry gets his drink out of the fridge.
He is not yet ready to smile for the camera.
Henry thinks, "Just get me my bread, mom."

So, I do, but not before I click a pic.

I tell Henry to sit in his chair and put on his bib. I place his snack before him. Now, he is ready to smile (after his first bite)!


Olivia Arlene said...

That makes me smile too!

Laurie Lynn said...

Yummy bread and yummy Hen Hen!

Jill said...

not only does Henry have a darling smile but his mama does too!! You're so darling, Tab!! Can't wait to see those pearly whites in person!!

4monkeys said...

Look great Tab! That Henry needs refueling often!!!