Thursday, June 18, 2009

"henry, stop whining!"

While we played with Rahul down by the office, Henry started whining and complaining that he wanted to go "to da bike and motorcycle door". He is jonesin' for a bike since Rahul received one for his birthday and he has gotten to try it out a few times. Once Henry starts it's difficult to get him to stop. Especially when he's having, what I like to call, a low blood sugar moment. James was trying to talk him into being happy without losing his temper. He does this far better than me!
After we went up to our apartment that evening and I fed the children, I had to run some errands. Henry, not missing a beat, ran to put on his flip-flops and told me, "Mama, I ready!" How can a mama resist such cuteness? Rarely do the kids go somewhere alone with either one of their parents. Before I could even tell Henry that he could come with me he told his sisters, "I'm goin with mama to da door. Ooh are stayin with daddy, girs." He was so matter of fact that James and I just looked at each other and laughed! The "girs" did not find it amusing. But, taking turns is a big deal in our family, so they stayed and Henry went.
Yesterday, as Marcail was figuring out that we needed to get more cereal at the store she informed her siblings that she would go by herself with mama. It would be her turn. Boy, they grow up fast!


Olivia Arlene said...

LoL! Those kids are thinkers:) Cuteness!

Just Passing Through said...

Way to go, Daddy James!!!
I'm amazed at how brown your kids are getting. They look like little Sun Monkeys.

Laurie Lynn said...

What a treat to go with Mommy!

Jill said...

Yes, I "ditto" Ruth, "way to go James!" I just admire that persistent, long-suffering discipline that parents must consistently provide/endure during these precious, formative years!!
Sounds to me that you two parents are doing a great job!!

4monkeys said...

:) Fun times...I'm sure that was fun for the kids to take turns! Can't say I have ever done that with mine..its usually all or no