Friday, June 12, 2009

in response to my mom's latest blog post

This song does it for me! I just think it's absolutely beautiful.

Visit my mom's blog to see what I'm talking about!


Olivia Arlene said...


Laurie Lynn said...

I agree Tab! I love this song!
I never knew the name or who it was by! And I never knew you liked it so well! It's gorgeous. Kind od bittersweet, hopeful, sad and joyful all mixed together!
I added some songs in the comments on "Tulip"... God's gift of music is magnificent!

Laurel said...

I love Grieg's work! He is one of my favorite composers. The March of the Dwarfs is my favorite, and one of the first pieces of classical music that I thoroughly loved. It's not the kind of piece your mom was talking about, though it does have its moving moments.

There is a classical piece that moves me to tears whenever I hear it, but I don't know what it is. Today, I can't seem to even come up with a bar to hum from it, so I haven't commented on your mom's post yet. Perhaps I will with another piece or two. :-)

TAB said...

I know how that is Laurel. I have so many favorites but can't even think of the tune and certainly don't know the composer's name.

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is Grandma Marylin! I'm on line now! I heard an rumor that you might be coming home to KS for a visit....true?

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