Friday, June 19, 2009

nurse daddy

James is, by far, a better comforter and cuddler than I am when the kids are ill. When we were at the beach last night Naomi got sick. She lost her snack in the sand and looked very pale. She didn't want to drink anything and only wanted to be held. I was a nervous wreck! Quickly, I gathered up the toys we had brought and put on the kid's flip-flops so we could go home. I need to mention as well, that Pro and Rahul were with us at the beach. Pro is like a substitute granddad and really likes Naomi. He, sweet man that he is, offered to hold Naomi on our way home. I was only too grateful!! As we got to the street light and got ready to cross, James came walking up to meet us on our way home. I was so relieved! James takes the throw ups in stride and doesn't get too riled up about any of the normal sickys that befall children. I, on the other hand, am always a stressed out, over-anxious woman who just wants it all to go away since I can't just leave the kids to tend to themselves.
Okay, so James took Naomi from Pro's loving arms to carry her the rest of the way home. She is much more comfortable with James (as should be) and nestled her face into his neck and closed her eyes. Poor baby! When we got home James took her into the bathroom and gave her a cool bath. I got some ice water to dip a washcloth in so he could cool off her hot forehead and neck. I also presented him with a throw up bowl (just in case)!
After Naomi's bath he wrapped her in a bath towel and sat with her on the couch, cool as a cucumber, while I paced around trying to figure out if it was heat exhaustion or a virus. James and Princess both thought it was due to the heat. I figured it was, too, since an hour and half later she perked up and wanted to eat. She didn't bring anything back up the rest of the evening.
I'm concerned, though, since with all that I've looked up online a fever shouldn't continue if you've had heat exhaustion. Last night, she woke up around 3:30 with a temp of 101. I gave her tylenol and a drink. She went back to sleep. Then, this morning, her temp was 99.9. That's not normal for her. She always averages 98.7. So, is this a virus we're dealing with??
My other concern is that if it is a virus, there's a chance the other two could come down with it and wouldn't be better before we have to leave on Tuesday for our Kansas trip.
Please pray for Naomi and Henry and Marcail. That their health and immunity would be boosted by the Berry Well and Oregano oil I'm administering to them now. Also, pray for me and my anxiety and for wise decisions as we look toward Tuesday. We have non-refundable tickets so if we aren't able to go, we will have said good-bye to a substantial amount of hard-earned money!
I have decided to keep the kids indoors for a day or two just so that Naomi can recuperate. It is mighty hot here in South Florida! Therefore, we will not be able to meet our Italian friends tonight for our planned picnic. I'm disappointed but the kid's health comes first! Please pray. Thank you!


Olivia Arlene said...

We will all be very disappointment if you are unable to come! I will pray for everyone's health. My guess would also be heat or maybe constipation? I would think if no one else gets sick in the next 24 hours then it was just her own little thing. You know Sean gets like that every once in a while. It will last for a day and then he will be "normal" again. Eleanor gets overheated very quickly, maybe they are similar in that way?

TAB said...

I think so too. Could be constipated. I'm keeping on her about fluids and even got her the juicy juice immunity which has probiotics and fiber in it. Hope it helps!

Jill said...

Yes we are praying here in Kansas that you'll all (4) will be travelling here on Tuesday!! Sounds like you have the medical diagnosis covered!! (and treatment as well!) HOpe you've felt our prayers today! Can't wait to see you!

Laurel said...

Praying for health for all, and peace for you, Tab. Love ya!

TAB said...

Thank you to you all for your prayers!

Laurie Lynn said...

Sweet Naomi. I'm glad she feels better (and you too, Tab)! Her "men" took care of her so nicely!
I suppose James knows the drill by now of taking care of sick kids and a fretful wife!

Anonymous said...

Just 3 more days!!!We are so looking forward to the homecoming.Just wish James could be with you. He is so patient and loving when the kids are sick. He just has a way with them. He really makes them feel safe and secure. Loving each of you, Grandma b.