Friday, July 24, 2009

when you give a boy an inch

He'll take a mile! I had jumped in the shower after I turned on the television for my kiddos one morning and found that Henry had decided to get "creative" with my camera.
And yes! That is a Michael Jackson cd. He may have been a weird-o, but, man! He made some fun music to dance to. Please don't judge me. :-)


Olivia Arlene said...

Oh Henry!

Just Passing Through said...

Two things - my "boy" is 21 and the "give an inch" hasn't changed (sometimes I just the think the male sex can be a little frustrating). Also, Michael Jackson's music was awesome! No judgement on my part - I have the CD and am a listener also.

4monkeys said...

Well hey at least it wasn't pics of your toilet! I found that I had pics of the inside of the pot on my camera...good thing it didn't get dropped!!! Your such a heathen Tab! MJ cd!!! didn't see that cd of mine when you were here did you? :)