Thursday, October 29, 2009

halloween readiness

Today seemed like a good day for wearing Halloween shirts. Found these cute shirts at Target. I splurged cause I like Holiday shirts! I was glad when the kids were cooperative enough to pose in their shirts for me.

This morning, I felt brave enough to let my little monsters paint. I squirted some paint onto two plates and gave them each a little paintbrush. We also used some Halloween cookie cutters as stamps. They worked well! But, after stamping, the kids painted over them-so that extra effort probably wasn't worth it. They had a great time painting, though! I believe Henry is going to be artistic. He took a lot of time and thought as he painted. The girls practically had their paper covered in paint within a few minutes while Henry still had lots of empty space on his. He did so well.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to make pumpkin cookies and let the kids help decorate them after they've been iced. Also, we will probably carve our pumpkin!


Olivia Arlene said...

Cute! Looks like so much fun! In three years, hopefully I will be able to do more of that kind of stuff with my three monsters:)

Wow, with Chloe in the hospital, I'd totally forgotten about carving PUMPKINS!!!

Love ya, and miss you all!!!

Laurie said...

Oh you can't fool Grammy! I know they are not really monsters!
I love all the pictures of the cuties/painters and their photographer!
Your camera took fine that time!

TAB said...

My camera takes decent pics in really good lighting. It was sunny and I had all the blinds open so the lighting was perfect.

4monkeys said...

cool shirts! Nice artwork kiddos!