Thursday, November 5, 2009

let the stink begin

Day 2 of sourdough starter and I'm beginning to wonder if sourdough should've been called barfdough. Seriously, it smells like stinky feet and puke combined! I'm hoping that it's ok. I have chosen, however, to ignore the green haze hovering around the top of the sourdough starter bowl and continue to feed the beast. If, by day 8, it still stinks to high heaven or if there's mold growing on top of the bubbling dough I will then discard it.
This morning we got out of the house early to get laundry done, some thrifting and a little McDonald's for lunch. When we got home around 12:30 the house stank...stunk??...anyway, I walked into the kitchen to place some groceries on the counter and the smell was definitely concentrated in that room. I looked to see the day 1 starter dough ballooning over the top of the jar and the "whey" that had separated to the top had poured over the sides and onto the stove....and it was smelly! Have I mentioned that the starter is stinking? Anyway, I poured off the rest of the whey and poured the dough into a 16 cup container. I added a cup more of flour and a cup of cold water and covered it with cheesecloth. Since I don't have a rubberband big enough to go around the container I used I taped the cheesecloth to the sides with boxing tape. Withing a few hours in the sourdough's new home it was threatening to flow over the top.
I poured it into the biggest bowl I have. So far, it seems to like it's new home. Do you see where the sourdough starter is at the bottom of my big bowl? I'm pretty sure it has room to grow there (in stench).
Look at all the bubbles! Can you believe I have all this scientific goo goin on in my kitchen with just a few cups of flour and water???? There has been absolutely no sugar or salt or yeast added to this starter! It's simply the natural yeast and good bacteria in the air that is making the sourdough "start". Pretty cool....and smelly!


4monkeys said...

So have you plugged in the air freshners yet? Your flour must have some powerful good bacteria!

Olivia Arlene said...

Grossin me out here! I hope it turns out good though!

Laurie said...

I can't wait for the rest of the story! Will you use it or dump it? I do hope it works for you!