Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I caught a pic of a family photo shoot a few weeks ago on the beach.  I think that those rocks, which are near where the kids play, are the landmark for a lot of photo shoots!
Some wave "surfing" or tide boarding?

We are on our way to the "big rocks", the Harbor, to see if we are lucky enough to watch a cruise ship go out to sea.

Cool pelican!  Do you see the sailboat in the distance?

Once we got to the rocks at the harbor we scored huge to find surfers out trying to catch some waves.  It was getting chilly out so I was amazed to see them out in the cold water!

The "big rocks" and the onlookers waiting to catch a glimpse of a cruise ship.

Here it is!!!!!!

The colors of the water were brilliant that day.  I was happy that I was able to capture some of the beauty of it in this photo.


Olivia Arlene said...

Wow!!! Gorgeous pictures!

Laurel said...

Wow is right! Beautiful!

Mom said...

I like the pictures that God "drew" and the way you caught them on your camera!

4monkeys said...

Wow! So amazing to me! Seems like another universe for this smalltown girl who grew up in wheat filled kansas!