Tuesday, February 2, 2010

what's goin on around here?

Well, as most of you know, the Super Bowl is going to be played here this year. The whole city's a buzz with excitement for the upcoming event.
At the beach right down the street from where we live, workers are busy setting up a gigantic stage for a free concert this Saturday. It's all part of the Super Bowl pre-game shows/events. The kids and I took a walk this morning and found that they had fenced off a huge section of the beach parking lot. We were met by the security guards after we crossed the street. They told me that we had to walk around the fenced section because the construction was not safe for us to walk through. So, we did. I didn't bring my camera with me but after our walk we went home and I got my camera and we walked back. It's only a short block to the beach for us. Enjoy the sights that we saw today! The pictures will be best viewed by enlarging them. Just click on one to see it bigger...
This is from across the street.

A view from before we get to that crosswalk (where the lights are).

The Stage!

Rigging Box.

A row of lights.

It's gonna be a big stage!

The fence I took pictures through.

"Our" playground is right down the beach from the stage. Do you see it there in the distance? Not far at all.

I've only ever heard of the Barenaked Ladies. They're a fun group. Don't let the name of the band concern you. They're just a bunch of men who sing kinda quirky, happy songs. We are going to go and check it out come Saturday. James and I are really looking forward to it! It will be the kid's first concert!


Olivia Arlene said...

You get to see BNL??? I'm so jealous! Have fun! Cool pics too btw:)

Laurie said...

Fun! I like the photos! I posted a BNL song as a pre-show warm up for ya!

Laurie said...

"What's goin on?" When we saw Christine last Sat. she was laughing as she remembered me going out to yell "What's goin on?" from the deck. (That was in the country! I don't think I could do that in town!) Do ya remember THAT song?
Sorry, but there's somethin about yelling that into the wind. In your case, you could yell it over the ocean waves! I gotta say, this hippie type band girl can yell/sing! Disclaimer: I don't think they're a sanctified band.

TAB said...

Yes, yes, yes I do remember that song! Love it! She's got a fun voice. No, they are not a sanctified band. :)

Yeppers, Liv. I do get to see BNL! Saw them once in KC too years ago. Right before they sang that part when they say "I just made u say underwear" in the song One Week the crowd threw up pull ups onto the stage. BNL guys laughed. And sang, "I just made u throw underwear" It was fun!

TAB said...

woops! The song i was talkin about is Pinch Me not One Week.

4monkeys said...

That will be fun! That stage looks huge!!!