Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I used to draw all. the. time. Did you know that? I really got into it when I hit 3rd or 4th grade. I totally dug Lynn Johnston's comic strip "For Better or For Worse". I didn't understand a lot of the humor but I really liked her art. She was realistic for a comic strip artist and I liked that. So, naturally, I did a lot of copying from her techniques. I never traced, though. Just drew by "sight". I filled notebook upon notebook with my sketches and drawings. I loved drawing people; men, women, babies. I have never been good at wildlife. It just wasn't ever anything I was interested in. Let me just say, I don't claim to be overly talented. I wish I were better or more "refined" at what I can do. I toyed with the idea of taking art classes after high school. However, I'm stubborn. I took a few art classes during high school and really dis-liked having someone tell me how I'm supposed to draw something. I knew (or thought I knew) what I was doing and just wanted my space to fine tune it! Now I wish I'd just taken some art classes after high school. Because now, looking back at the few art classes I took during high school and grade school I definitely gleaned from them and used some of the techniques that I was taught through them. That being said, I haven't drawn in a very long time. I just lost my desire to do so. I got in a rut. Everything I drew was the same and boring (in my mind). I didn't enjoy it anymore because I was disappointed in my efforts and wasn't inspired anymore. So, I put away my pen and notebooks and just stopped. Maybe I will have to start up again but I don't have a whole lot of confidence in it anymore. We shall see.
So, anyway..... We have a huge pad of paper that I like to bring out for the kids to color in. We gather together around it on the rug and draw with markers or crayons. Lately, markers have been the drawing utensil of choice. A lot of times the kids will ask me to draw something for them. A tree, a dog, a cat or banana. All of these are fairly simple. Then, the other night they asked me to draw them and mama and daddy. I drew each of them which they thought was cool but they got a huge kick out of how I drew us (mama and daddy). Marcail said that it was us in the kitchen. I guess that's where we are "caught" smooching the most!
This is the quick drawing I made for the kids of James and me "kissing in the kitchen".


4monkeys said...

Good drawing! I hope to see more!

Olivia Arlene said...

Me too! That's funny:) You know what they say about smooching in the kitchen don't you...?;)

Laurie said...

Of course it's you and James! I love it! Oh Tab! What a gift to be able to draw!! Your kids must think you're amazing! (I know I do!)
Liv- What DO they say about "smooching in the kitchen"?
And yes, I hope to see more!
Oh, you drew like a maniac "back then"!! Notebook after notebook after notebook!

Just Passing Through said...

I LOVE IT! You've got to pursue it - you have too much talent to let it drop.

tsbjf said...

Cute drawing! That's cool that you were so into it; it's never too late to dive into it again!