Thursday, March 18, 2010

crafting days

My walls have been bare since moving to our little apartment. We have a tight budget and so just going to buy decor for our walls is somewhat out of the question. So, as I wandered the aisles of Target on Sunday evening I found myself in the folder and notebook aisle. There were folders on clearance and I brightened with the idea to buy some of them to cut out and frame for my walls! I didn't have to worry too much about buying frames because on Christmas my aunt-in-law got me a boxed set of black frames. So, in all, my wall decor cost me roughly $3.00!

The first thing I did was take a folder, open it up and cut it in half. I then cut to size as I went. It was very time-consuming but lots o' fun!
These are from one of the folders I chose. They're in the living room.
These are in the entryway. My friend Anele suggested I put a solid 'W' in the biggest one so I will do that when I get a spare moment. I'm going to do white. I'm looking forward to getting that done!
This one is in the hallway to the bathroom.
This is the last one I did and it's in the bathroom. I have more of this paper but ran out of frames so more for the bathroom will have to wait.

Today, I was invited to another friend's house, Jaime, for a craft day. Jaime also goes to our chapel and she is majorly into crafting, of all sorts! It was a fun day to get together and there were other ladies from the chapel that were able to come as well. I picked up Anele and her son Izaac to come along since they only have one vehicle and her hubby uses it to go to work. I'm happy to be able to pick them up!
Anyway! So, Anele had some canvases she was glad to let me use and some paints and we each painted a picture for the kid's room. I painted Henry's pirate ship and Anele painted Naomi's hula cow.

We didn't have enough time or another big canvas to paint one for Marcail....another day. But, I'm so happy with the way these turned out. It was such a fun day to visit and paint at Jaime's house. The kiddos got to play with the other kids that were there as well. Such a blessing of fellowship.


Laurie said...

Bravo! Oh my WORD! Those are amazing! The framed folder art (coolest inspirational idea) AND the WAY cool paintings!~
I love those!
Fellowship is indeed a blessing!

Olivia Arlene said...

I may have to steal that idea! So cool!

tsbjf said...

Woah, folders, what a cool idea! Jeremy framed some wallpaper for our living room, that's the closest we've come. I LOVE the patterns you picked out! And what a good idea; I may have to steal it too!

tsbjf said...

And I also wanted to say, I really liked the paintings, way cool!

Neli said...

I'm so proud of your framed folder art... seeing that you said you were NOT crafty! LOL Also I had so much fun helping make the paintings for the kiddos! I love doing it so ANY TIME :)Thanks so much for picking us up! We are greatly appreciative!