Monday, March 15, 2010

french fries

Five Guys is one of the best burger joints out there.  It's terribly simple to order off their menu and the flavor is dynamite!  All their food is fresh made as soon as it's ordered.  Since it takes a few minutes to get your food they offer complimentary peanuts.  You can scoop as many as you'd like from their boxes of peanuts to take to your table.  But, that's not what this post is all about.  I'm here to talk about their fantastic french fries!  They cut them fresh everyday and simply fry them in oil.  There is no fakeness about them  and they have some "meat" to them!  On their sign (below) they share the town and state their potatoes are from.
   When they serve their french fries they place them into a white paper cup and then put the cup into a brown paper bag.
   On Saturday, we enjoyed some of those yummy french fries and as we were eating them I looke around the restaurant and noticed that lots of people were eating their french fries different ways.
Some tables were eating their fries right out of the cup.

Other tables tore open their brown bag, dumped the cup into thebag and ate their fries out of the bag.
And others, like us, poured their fries onto some napkins.  We choose to use napkins for our french fry eating because usually we have leftovers so we will re-use our bag.
   Also, in my observations, I noticed lots of people would sort through their fries and size them to get the perfect 3 or 4 fries about the same length to eat.  Others would pay no heed to what size or shape or length their fries were.  They would simply pick up a few fries and stuff them into their mouth.  Some would even just eat one at a time.  This method seems to show a lot of self-control.  To me, the perfect french fry bite is finding the same length fries and eating 4 at a time.
   No matter which way you choose to eat your Five Guys french fries just know that there's no wrong way to do it!  How do you eat your fries?


Laurie said...

Ummm. They look great! I eat fries by size, shape and not by "wait" because I LOVE fries and I cannot wait to eat them, so if ever we drive through, I usually start right in on the fries; one at a time, a cluster at a time, whatever I can get my fingers around!
Yep. There's no wrong way to eat fries!
I think I'd like Five Guys' Fries and if they were on the table, I'd like to experiment with different ways of eating them! Plenty of salt, please! Kethup for dipping is good too! Un high school, we used to eat fries at a great little diner that served fries on a large plate. We'd take the plastic squeeze bottle of kethup and artistically top the fries with kethup then dig in. I would like to remember the name of that little cafe in Nickerson. Back in the day, that was the place to go get good fried stuff after school!
Do you think I can remember? All I can remember is "Toot's Cafe", but that was in Buhler. Do you remember Toot's Cafe?

Olivia Arlene said...

I want to go there!!! I also want some Cozy Burgers:-) I eat my fries one at a time. I like to find the longest and softest ones first and leave the smaller and crispier ones for last:-) Oh, and when I say soft ones, I don't mean undercooked, they have to be done!

Olivia Arlene said...

I do not remember "Toot's", but if that's any indication of how the food made you feel afterward, then maybe it's best I don't remember heeheehee ;-)

Anonymous said...

the little old lady from kansas is wondering where french fries originated from - - - are they really french cuisine - - or what - - just wondering - - - thanks for listening - - onward ho for calories and fat grams - - salina - - may we remember this is my shortest comment to your blog - - miracles still happen!!!! -oh, just one more thought - - amazing that you take random photos of people - - wow - - do they ever ask what in the world you are doing??? LOL and HLGO!!!!

Neli said...

Okay.... I LOVE 5 guys burgers and fries! def super yum! have only been there twice tho! we should go one day.... and i find it hilarious that you are such a creepy stalker LOL it's so funny you took pics of people while they were eating... did they NOT notice? LOL ... all in love though : )

tsbjf said...

I have heard of Five Guys...I think this was the place the media showed the president going for lunch shortly after he took office, if that's even possible with there being a location there and all. Those fries look SO good, I love fries. Kind of sounds like In-N-Out, they cut their potatoes right there too, but they don't have the cool board saying where their potatoes are from. I eat my fries most like Olivia, but I sometimes eat two at a time. I will have to analyze my fry-eating next time to make sure I am entirely accurate, but I think that's how I do it. :)

Just Passing Through said...

My favorite way to eat fries is to dip them in ketchup that has loads of black pepper mixed in. Mmmmmm....starchy potatoe, sweet ketchup, and the "bite" of black pepper.