Monday, March 8, 2010

i should've

Yes, today I really, really should've devoted my time to the floors of our apartment.  They are feeling crummy and sandy.  It's probably been a day and a half since it's last thorough sweepage.  However, I was feeling more inclined to watch my little guys play and giggle with them at their imaginations.

 Here, Marcail is singing from an ABC book.  She likes to pretend she's at church or maybe even a teacher.  She's a singer, too!  Almost always she's singing a made up song. 
   The girls are wearing aprons because they were playing restaurant.
 Maybe Naomi's looking at a menu?

Henry is usually a willing helper.  I asked him to get some toilet paper since he used up the last of the old roll.  He ran to the bathroom and gladly pulled a roll of t.p. off the top of a stack of rolls.  He made the stack of toilet paper fall over and he tried in vain to catch it with his hand.  So, there were 5 rolls of toilet paper on the ground.  I couldn't help but laugh as I watched him react.  I was so happy that he didn't get frustrated.  Instead, he giggled and said they all "falled" down, I didn't mean to do "dat".  I assured him that I knew he didn't mean to and that it's just a big stack of toilet paper and that's why it fell.  He proceeded to re-stack the t.p. and he was so pleased with himself that he just had to be a little goofy when he handed me the new roll!
This Monday was one of the longest I've experienced in a while.  It wasn't bad, necessarily but it seemed to drag!  I need to get my camera out more often.  That may help the time go by quickly when it seems to never end.  I just need some inspiration!


Olivia Arlene said...

Happy singer Marcail!

Maybe Naomi is looking at a cookbook for some inspiring recipes! Like her mommy;-)

Henry's reaction cracked me up! What a good sport:-) It would have been easy to get upset.

I'm sorry your day was long, but at least it wasn't terrible.

Laurie said...

Yep. Monday was long. I don't know why some days seem long and some days speed by when there are equal hours. I don't know why!
It was fun to see the kids in everyday activities!

"Slymisms" is the word verification/CAPTCHA word.

Just Passing Through said...

It is funny how some days just fly and some seem to drrraaaagggggg. Today is a drag day for me - and I don't know why. Raegan has been singing and talking all day and is in a consistently good mood (she usually is). Granny's just really tired today for some reason. Maybe I should get out the camera too. LOL

TAB said...

Yes!!! Ruth, get out that camera!