Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This morning, as soon as the kids ate their cereal and everyone was dressed and groomed we headed out the door to run some errands.  I needed to return some jeans to Target, unload some newspapers at the recycle bin  near our apartment, return books to the library and get some "new" ones to bring home with us.  I wanted to pick up some FroYo at Publix and ketchup at Winn-Dixie and some cereal and wipes at Walgreens. 
It turned out to be a busy morning and it got really late on me!  I was thankful I thought to bring some crackers along for the kids to snack on while we got our errands run.  I am pleased that we got everything done before 2!  But, we ended up having a late lunch and I was ready to get things done around the house.  However, directly after lunch I made myself sit on the couch to read the kids their library books.  It was really great that I did because we all needed some "down" time and I enjoyed our book time!
 Even though, what I REALLY wanted to do was clear and wipe off the table from lunch.
 I wanted to put the dishes into the dishwasher.
 And these minimal groceries were calling my name to be put away.
 Instead, I enjoyed some bonding and cuddle time with the babes and didn't regret it at all!  These days are precious and those dirty dishes and table and counters and groceries that need putting away can wait!


Laurie said...

"I hope my child looks back on todayand remembers a Mum who had time to play
There will be years for cleaning and cooking
But children grow up when we are not looking
Cleaning and scrubbing can wait till tomorrow
Because babies grow fast, we learn to our sorrow
So settle down cobwebs, dust go to sleep
I'm cuddling my baby, and babies don't keep."

It's true. Ask any Mom whose babies have grown! There will never be another today!

Laurel said...

Yay Tab! Good choice! Thanks for the reminder/example.

Laurie said...

"Time is a monster
that cannot be reasoned with. It responds like a snail to our impatience,
then it races like a gazelle when you can't catch your breath."
A quote from Benjamin Button

I love you, Tab.
Love, Mom

Olivia Arlene said...

So sweet Tab! I am sure it made their day too! It is a good reminder for all us busy mommies.

Neli said...

Yay for fun w/ the babes : ) We have to enjoy this short time when they want to be w/ mommy... soon they'll rather be with their friends... or we'll be "too old" for them to play w/ us..... these times are precious! p.s. I love that I am not the only one that takes pics of things like story time. You are a wonderful mommy! your kiddos ar so blessed to have you just as you are blessed to have them : ) p.s.s..... your mom should have a blog for daily inspirational quotes!!! haha : )

tsbjf said...