Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgivin 2010

I must be having an off month for taking pictures.
I either fail to take any or the 5 that I do take turn out all wrong.
This is the case for the Thanksgiving photos I shot
today.  They are all fuzzy and blurred.  GRRRR!!!
Anyway, my first Thanksgiving as the head chef
was a success!
The only slight mishap was when my water and butter that came to a 
boil started a burner fire.
It was quickly taken care of and nothing was harmed.  Not even
any arm hair!
We all laughed and agreed
that my kitchen had been officially initiated.

Lynn (James' mom) brought this 
cute cheese ball/relish plate.
It was the only turkey we saw or ate today!

My only regret for today is that I didn't make the time
to get one photo of Lynn and any group pictures!!
I did get a few pictures, though. Five, to be exact.

How was your Thanksgiving?


Olivia Arlene said...

I LOVE your turkey relish plate! So cute :-)

Some months are like that for me too.

Olivia Arlene said...

Oh, I just re-read the other post. Way to go Lynn on the relish plate lol! BUT...ALL the food looks great Tab :-)

Oh, my word verification is pyror...does it know about the little fire you started ;-) heehee

Izzy's Mommy said...

1. HOW do you have thanksgiving w/out turkey??? lol 2. cute turkey plate 3. you did a great job on all the food :) 4. When you spend all day in the kitchen... and taking care of a lil one w/ a fever, taking pics is not usually top of the list... it's okay :)

Our thanksgiving was great! Except for Izaac having a fever also. Since I only slaved over the oven for an hour... I had plenty of time and energy to focus on pics... but there are waaaaay too many... you'll have to browse them thru facebook!

Love you! :)

TAB said...

1. Easy. You don't make one. That's how you don't have a turkey at Thanksgiving.
2.,3.,4. Thanks! and sorry bout Iz. There must be a virus going around.

A.M.P. said...

Don't worry..I didn't take ANY pics so you got 5 more than I did. lol
Your spread looked quite lovely :)
And might I mention your bravery at hosting right after the big move! yay you!