Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the last 14 days

A visual recap of the the happenings over here in our house.
Not much to say except,
the children seem to have unending colds.
Henry keeps coming down with fevers.
It's finally chilly here!
Feels kinda like Christmas.
Puppy Chow is the only Christmas
cooking I've done.
Marcail and Naomi LOVE
to sing along to the Christmas carols,
even if they have no idea what
the words are!
Christmas is just around the corner.
11 more days, to be precise.
I feel incredibly unprepared and,
frankly, I'm ok with that.
This is the first time in years
that I've ever been this unorganized
before Christmas.
It's so very unlike me.
I'm a list maker,
a taskmaster.  I have not one
list drawn out and no
tasks that are needing to be
Well, let me clarify,
I have no tasks that I wish to master!
Plenty to be done, though!  Ha!
However, I am not allowing all the
undone chores and 'things' hanging
over me become a burden....
until tomorrow.


Laurie said...

You've been busy! Yes, I know whatcha mean about this Christmas. I don't get it, but I feel unprepared too... May we grasp and rejoice that Christ came to the
"unprepared" and made Christmas what it is and should be!!

A.M.P. said...

I like what your mama said! ^-^

You are embracing the "Angela" method ;)

Izzy's Mommy said...

Amen to your momma's comment! :) And sometimes, when things in life get a little crazy and get to be too much.... it's good to take a day or two .... or a couple months in my case... w/ NO LISTS.... the only things on your list should be loving the Lord, your hubby, your kids.... just enjoying the moment.... like when you are sitting in a civic parked outside of a very busy Dunkin Donuts snapping shots w/ your equallly goofy amiga :) now i'm rambling... anywho... I love ya