Wednesday, December 15, 2010

this is me

This is me and my friend, Neli.
This is me being, ME.
I am a goofy, giggly 29-year-old.
Sometimes, I forget that about myself.
Life, motherhood, daily stresses and responsibilities
take some of that silliness out of me.
Sometimes, my friend Anele
invites me out for coffee on a Saturday morning.
Just all by ourselves.
No kids.
She can be goofy too.
We go to Dunkin Donuts,
give the friendly employee our orders
and enjoy each other's company over
coffee and donuts, respectively.
We chat and observe the decor and comment
on each other's outfits.
Ultimate girl stuff.
We both bring our cameras along.
It's a must for both of us.
Neither one of us are the photographers
that we would love to be.
Both of us agree that we don't
have the right equipment
to acheive the pictures
we dream of.
But, we do the best we can.
Sometimes, you will find us in a public place,
sitting across from each other,
bent over our cameras adjusting various settings
just to get the perfect shot of some object in front of us.
A coffee cup, a piece of cake, a leaf, even.
Once we are moderately satisfied we continue to converse
and giggle and maybe even wipe away a tear if it comes to that.
Then, then, we whip out our camera's again for the "self-portraits" of us.
Documenting our time together.
We start out with the nice smiles and then it becomes
goofy, just like a typical "Tab" picture usually is.
It starts out kind of silly and then becomes downright
hilarious (to us anyway).
These photos you are looking at were taken in Neli's Civic.
We had finished our coffees and were heading out
when we decided to try some portraits
in her car.
You just can't beat outdoor lighting!
We laughed so hard and it
was exactly what this forgetful goof needed.


A.M.P. said...

yessssss! love this!
(my fav is the one where it looks like ya'll are pickin stuff outta your teef..ha!)

Izzy's Mommy said...

I can NOT stop laughing! I really enjoyed our outing! I really Needed some Tab time! It never fails... we always end our time cracking up w/ tears in our eyes.... cry laughs are good for the soul! :) love you much! and can I say that you do not give me enough credit in the goofy department lol we are BOTH such big DORKS!.... AND.... my favs are of course the ones where we are doing the same/or similar thing w/out even meaning to... lol

Olivia Arlene said...


Just Passing Through said...

You are blessed, Dear Friend, to have such a goofy side AND a friend to share it with. NEVER EVER STOP PLAYING!!!!!! I am by nature like you. . . I love to cut up and laugh until I almost wet my pants. Lately, life just hasn't allowed that and I seriously don't feel "whole" or healthy. An integral part of who God created me to be is just not coming through - not good! Tab, take every opportunity to play - being a dork is a wonderful gift that not everyone is given!

Izzy's Mommy said...

@ Just Passing Through.... very true... I do notice that when I have "things" going on and life is stressful and busy... and the laughing doesnt happen.... I don't feel like myself... or "whole" as you said. We all need to make time for Laughing... laughing is the best medicine :) I hope you can find your chuckle soon! If it helps, look at our rediculous pics again lol