Wednesday, April 13, 2011

fresh from the oven

I've been in a baking mood for the past 2 weeks.  The very first thing I felt inspired to make
were granola bars.  I found the recipe here and let me just say, YUMMY!  
My kids aren't really granola bar fans, Quaker or otherwise.
But, these ones were gone within a week!
James asked me to make a dish called Chuckwagon Roundup.
He remembers this from his childhood.
It was pretty good but for some reason our kids weren't fans.
James and I are the only ones who savored this childhood favorite.

Next on my list of domestic pursuits was Whole Wheat Tortillas.
I made them with 100% Whole Wheat flour.  I used no white flour.
I was afraid of them.
I felt intimidated by the fact that I did not have a tortilla press.
I was worried that they'd be tasteless or fall apart.
This first tortilla looks rather sad but it sure tasted good and certainly
did not fall apart.  My batch made 12 tortillas.  I made them
Tuesday, the 5th.  They were all consumed by the 10th!

I have been excited to make this classic!
It is chocolately, marshmallow, fudgy perfection!
I am in love.

Lastly, I tried my hand for the the very first time at 
The dough was super sticky and not very easy at all to work with.
But, I 'kneaded' through and came out with some heavenly rolls.
I will make these again the next time I host a family dinner.


graceglory said...

All your goodies look so yummy!
Well, the Chuckwagon Roundup doesn't make me drool, but I bet it does taste good. :-)

Olivia Arlene said...

Wow! Can I hire you to be my professional cook??? ;)

tsbjf said...

Supa score! Jeremy has been asking me to make granola bars, so now I have a recipe!

I don't think I've ever seen a Chuckwagon Roundup, that is one cool looking dish! I think I would be a fan!

I made tortillas once, just regular ones, and mine came out fairly thick since I didn't have a press either. I'm thinking a tortilla press would be a pretty cool tool to mess around with. :)

That cake and those rolls look good!

Laurie said...

You go, Mama!
That Chuckwagon Roundup looks like a good childhood fave! I'm so glad you've found a joy in cooking!

A.M.P. said...

Beautificus, my dearie! Everything looks like it has that Tab lovin' in it and that's the most important!

(the rolls made my mouth water, interestingly enough)

Wondering if I could make it a Dr. Pepper cake...hmmm...