Friday, April 15, 2011

snaggle tooth

When I was a young girl I had the most crooked teeth ever.
I remember my Grandad B. always called me "ole snaggle tooth".
I was a giggle box as well.  Always, always laughing it seems.
I never was offended by his nickname for me.
I just giggled when he called me that.
He always said it in the most loving way.

As the years went by and my adult teeth started growing in 
I got braces and I no longer had snaggled teeth.
I do worry about my own kid's teeth and wonder if they are doomed
for braces and multiple tooth-pullings as their mouths mature.

I especially worry with Marcail because she already seems
to have some crowding in her teeth.
However, just last night she lost her very first loose tooth.
She has some room now.  Ha. Ha.
It was a great "first" and we are all excited for Marcail!
When we first discovered her loose tooth I was so excited
but also kind of sad.  This means that she's slowly going to 
start looking even more grown up and not so much a toddler anymore.
My baby is growing up!

Naomi liked to wiggle Marcail's tooth!

The missing tooth!
The tooth fairy visited Marcail last night and brought her 
4 quarters!


Olivia Arlene said...

Wow! What a generous fairy! ;)

Yay for Marcail and the missing tooth!

Laurie said...

Her first tooth!
She let Nay Nay WIGGLE it!!
Nay Nay WANTED to WIGGLE it!
Dad says that Henry and Marcail DO resemble each other. I agree.
Great pics!

Your "green thumb" is way cool for Spring!

tsbjf said...

Yes, I remember you laughing a lot! You were a cool kid! We had some fun times back in the day. :)

I had to do the braces thing too; I think Hayley might as well, we'll see.

Congrats to Marcail for her loss of tooth #1, how exciting!!