Wednesday, August 3, 2011

tricking my kids {and the hubs}

How did I do that?
Why by making black bean "meatballs"!
Meatless meatballs were well received in this house.
I was so pleasantly surprised.
I mashed up two quart size baggies of beans from
when I had made black beans in my crockpot.
Then, I just put all the same spices and ingredients I do
for regular meatballs.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I'm working more beans into our menus for the sake of the budget, and I find myself simply putting out rice and beans with salsa far too often (even though we love it... I just get bored easily). This is definitely going on my list!

And just a note for the bean-skeptical... if you soak your beans over night *plus* make them a regular part of your diet, your body adjusts and gas is not generally an issue. :-)

Olivia said...


Seeing Through New Eyes said...

Tab, I love your culinary creativity. I have been doing a lot of "throwing together" what is available and experimentation this summer. It has been fun and at times maybe "interesting". We are also getting away from meat and incorporating beans so I just might have to try black bean meatballs this fall (it's just too hot to use the oven right now.)

Laurie said...

You rock at "Let's try this!" and "Pray this helps!"!
It's great when it works!!!