Tuesday, August 2, 2011

a couple fun experiments

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks.
Henry and Marcail love popcorn as well.  Naomi has decided she's not a huge fan.
I'm running low on snacks due to cleaning out my pantry.
The one thing I do have on hand are popcorn kernels.
I started thinking that maybe Naomi would like kettle corn.
I looked up allrecipes.com for a kettle corn recipe and popped up a batch.
We were all major fans, even Nay!  It was so delicious and super easy to make!

I am out of jelly as well, but have plenty of strawberries.
So, I decided to make a batch of freezer strawberry jam.
It took me probably about 20 minutes or less to make this.
It's still setting up so I hope that it will be good!
I'm sure it will be.


Laurie said...

Industrious Mama! Yum! Has James become a fan of the Kettle Corn? I have such good memories of eating batches of popcorn (kettle and plain) for Dad, James etc.!
The strawberry jam will be refreshing!

Olivia said...

Nice Job Tab! Fun!