Friday, March 2, 2012

the beginning of march

The weather has been gorgeous lately!
It puts me in the mood for cookouts, bbq, staying late at the park and riding bikes.
The girlies love sitting on the monkey bar.
They feel pretty big up there.

Rustic bread in the dutch oven.
Looks good but it was an epic fail.
It will be better next time.

Little monkey sittin in a tree.

My nightly vice: Twix, rolos and Hershey's nuggets with almonds.
Somebody STOP me!!!


Olivia said...

Haha! We have a similar nightly vice;)

The weather is getting nicer here for sure! I am so ready for a cookout!

The bread looks awesome! Sorry it wasn't as good as it looks, but at least you know what to do different next time.

Laurie said...

Florida is so green!
The kids are growing and changing!
Dad says the bread looked good. Sorry it was a failure.
Gold and chocolate! What a pretty photo! And yum!

tsbjf said...

Chocolate, you are totally making me want some! :)

Cute pics of the kiddos climbing! I sometimes get the urge to climb a tree, but my body just isn't in that shape anymore [especially now], but someday I hope to be back up with the birds!

That bread does look good! I tried bread in my dutch oven before, and it expanded to fill the entire 8 quart thing and was this monster loaf... not quite what I was expecting, oops. What size is your dutch oven?