Thursday, March 15, 2012

haircuts and treats


Henry is pretty serious when it comes to photos.
He is funny because a lot of times he doesn't look at the camera.
He look away so he's facing the camera but his eyes are on some
distant object.

Naomi is a true goofy goober.
I get this kind of smile almost everytime I let her know
I'm going to take a picture of her.

Marcail makes me smile and shake my head
at some of the things she does for pictures.

This last week I cut the kid's hair.
The girl's hair was getting long and stringy.
It's getting close to summer time and I felt like
little bobs would be great swimming hairdos.
With Henry's I just trimmed it up.

Today, after lunch, I allowed the kids to have
popsicles for dessert.
They love popsicles....of course,
so do I!


Olivia said...

I love their hairs!!! I like Henry's spike :) Namoi is just so cute and funny and Marcail reminds me of Eleanor sometimes. She kinda reminds me of Salma too... :)

Oh! Sean's top left tooth is wiggly now!

Laurie said...

Those grabd cuties! Love, love, love! (And love for the little one in the little pouch!)

Laurie said...


tsbjf said...

Cute kids! Love the haircuts! You do a good job. I like how they each have their own personality in front of the camera. :)