Wednesday, March 21, 2012

tree tops park

This morning we met up with Neli and Izaac for playtime and lunch.
Neli babysits a sweet little girl, Melina, so she shows up in these
photos as well.
The weather is windy today, but the temperature is beautiful!
It made for a gorgeous day out at the park.
Most of these pictures my kiddos took.  I took a few.


Toothless Marcail.
I can't wait for that other tooth to wiggle out!

 Izaac is trying to figure out this musical toy.
Neli and I comparing preggo bellies.
I'm pretty sure I win!
Neli is due in July, early.

Naomi is a gymnast.

Henry's dirty piggies.

Melina is a doll!

See?  I totally win!
Belly button and all.

Henry and his sweet face.

My three babes.

Naomi is a happy smile-girl.

The five friends!


Izzy's Mommy said...

LOVE the pics.. minus that belly pic... i look a mess lol and you win by a button! that's it! I think I have caught up to you already lol

Olivia said...

Great pictures! Looks like a great time :)

tsbjf said...

Neli is preggo too, that's so exciting! Fun for you two to have babies so close! Love all the pics, such good photographers.

Laurie said...

Beautiful smiles and beautiful bellies!

woods jewelry said...

A friendship that will last forever.

Sarah Berends said...

How cute. Nice pics, I wanna have kids thanks to you someday. :)