Thursday, March 15, 2012

37 weeks.....

Henry took this of me today,
I believe it sums up how I'm feeling
at this stage of my pregnancy.

I'm just now 37 weeks and feel as though
I have an eternity to endure before we finally get to meet
the little dude face to face.
Clothes are starting to not fit.
Heartburn is still a major issue and
my bladder is taking a beating.
But, we are so thankful that he's a healthy, active baby.

I have all the items needed for our planned home birth
ready and organized.
We have all the necessities for a baby ready and waiting and
now we play the waiting game.
Our expected due date is April 7th,
James and I both think that he'll be "late",
but we shall soon find out!


Olivia said...

For your sake I hope he is a little early, but I also hope he takes as much time as he needs in there! :)

Oh the waiting game. Not a fun one is it?

Laurel said...

I'm so excited for you all, Tab!

tsbjf said...

A home birth, wow! That'll be exciting. And I know, that last month is definitely the hardest in terms of waiting.