Monday, July 30, 2012


Being in Kansas has been so good for my heart.
I miss my family being so far away from them.
South Florida is too far away in my opinion.

We have been enjoying spending time with Liv and the kids.
The cousins are playing together as cousins should.
Liv and I are chatting and laughing as sisters should.
And Grandkids and Grammy and Grandpa have been bonding as they should.

I have been relishing having time with mom and talking face to face
instead of on the phone.

When Liv and the kids come over, we like to be outside
playing in the pool.
Toby has even been out in the pool a few times.

Liv and Lily drying off.
Lily is never far from Liv's side.

These two have really been good buddies.

The mornings in Kansas are gorgeous.  They are crisp and clear.
It's so refreshing compared to Florida's muggy, heaviness.

The kids were making a "whirlpool".

These beauts are from mom's garden.
They're such a happy flower in this
hot summer draught.

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Laurie said...

Good times! I'm so glad for the times together! (I'll sound like a broken record… but How time flies!!!)