Friday, September 14, 2012

around here

Here's some more randomness for you all.

Last month, for a "back-to-school" kick-off, we met with our 
little homeschool group from our church at the beach.
We had a scavenger hunt and read some stories about the ocean.
There was splashing in the ocean and lots of laughter.
Henry found this little crab!
It was a good day!

We met with my friend Susan and her three boys at a water park the day before school started.
It was nice to spend time with Susan, but it got cut short
after someone pooped in the water (gross mehoff)
and then it started pouring rain.
This pic was taken about 10 minutes before both events took place.

I took Henry out on a date last month.
He chose to eat at Panda Express
and browse through the children's section at Barnes and Noble.
It was good to have that one-on-one time with my boy.
I want to do this with each of the girls too.

Some Saturdays, James takes the big kids out
on his little motor boat.
They cruise around the intercoastal and even visit the beach.
The kids love it!
I do too, becasue I get a little break from the kiddos
and special time alone with the little dude.

One such Saturday, we went to Whole Foods and got stuck 
waiting outside the store for a torrential downpour
to let up enough for me to run to the car.
Once I was finally able to run us to the car, the parking lot was so flooded
that my ankles were covered in water
and the back of my shorts got splattered from running.
Quite the adventure! 
JcPenney's offered free kid's cuts through the month of August
so we took advantage of that!
Henry had never had his hair cut at a salon before.
He was pretty excited!
So were the girls, but they'd had this experience before.

I'm cracking up, because the guy in the mirror looks like he's checking
out my boot-ay
but really, he's looking down at his son who
was getting his hair cut behind me.

I'm glad I didn't have to pay for the kid's cuts.
When we got home I noticed
that all three had pieces of hair that were missed
and some of the girl's hair, in spots, were uneven.
At least it will grow!

After their cuts were finished,
we walked around the mall for a bit.


Olivia said...

Cute wittle crab!

tsbjf said...

I love this post! I like the crab too. :) You've got a pretty good-sized group of kids in your homeschooling group from church, that's cool. Cool outing idea, to go to the beach together! Bummer on the water park visit getting cut short, looks like much fun is being had in this pic. :) As the saying goes... well, I won't post it here but it came to mind. And struck me as funny since it totally described the situation. Anyways.. moving on. Cool that you went on a date with Henry, I think it's great to get that one-on-one time! And I LOVE the picture of him browsing where he's got his hands in his pockets, he looks so grown up. Just struck me as cute. (Guess I'm looking forward to my little boys growing up. :) ) That's really nice of James to take the kids out sometimes! It is nice to get some time to oneself and regroup. As in, enjoy the peace, let the mind chill for a bit. So Florida gets some crazy sudden rain, eh? I think I must have saw that pic on fb when it happened. Cool that you took advantage of the free cuts, I saw that advertisement. LOL, I'm glad you addressed what the guy was looking at, 'cause ya, a little awkward looking there! I mean, I know you're hot, but that dude with the smile, it's nice to know he was a nice dad out with his kid, not some creepermccreepson.

Laurie said...

Big stuff! No tears! That's a nice difference too!

No kidding, the word verif. word is "arhair"
No it's not. It only looked like that. Now it's "igrohni"