Thursday, September 20, 2012

school edition

School is underway up in here.
I'm not gonna lie.
The first month has been really rough.
My heart/attitude has not been totally in the
right place.
I have been feeling overwhelmed, tired, stressed
and *sigh* irritated.
It's gotten way better in the last week but
this did not come without internal battles and releasing of
what I feel is the "perfect" homeschool scene.
These kids are sponges and it's hard for me to relax and just
show them the beauty of learning.
I think I'm rambling and making no sense, but that's where I am.
If they can read Hop on Pop and Go Dog. Go. fluently then
I am a happy mama.
And if they can tell me what 3+4= then I have decided that I can feel
like we are getting somewhere.
Truthfully, they're making me very proud with their achievements in the past 30 days!
I'm quite impressed with how much they've retained and what they're improving on.

They all 3 have been really improving in their addition skills.
It doesn't come easy for Marcail.
I really feel for her since I am exactly the same way.

We have been learning to work around and over Toby.
He is sometimes loud and needs attention
but, thankfully, he naps for a good 2 hours of our morning work.

This table makes me happy.
Crayon box, pencil boxes, my stack of books with a paci on top...

Marcail likes to "teach" Toby words.
Here, Naomi and Toby are her students.

The favorite part of school for the kids is
computer games.
I love!

Naomi is 5.  She's technically kindergarten age.
But, she's keeping up pretty well with her siblings who are doing 1st grade work.
I couldn't be more proud!

Marcail picked up The Cat in the Hat one day and read the first 10 pages.
This was a great test of character.  She showed major perseverance.  There are a lot
of sight words in that book that she figured out almost all on her own!

Henry likes to do "arting" as he calls it.
He does a pretty good job drawing planets and the nighttime sky.


Olivia said...

I think you are doing great and you don't give yourself enough credit! You are sticking with it and the kids seem to be doing great also! Hang in there :)

tsbjf said...

Dude, I have a lot of respect for you homeschooling mamas! You seem to be doing a good job! And super thanks for the helpful reading tip on my post about Hayley and reading. It's helped Jeremy and I have a new perspective on things, and reading times have been going better. You are a great mom, you love your kids, and keep up the good work!

Laurie said...

It's not easy, but it's worth it. Yes? I pray that you and the kids will find your groove and continue to relish the blessings (bless this mess…) and the relationships with your kids and they with you and all with God!
Toby is not "doing school" but he is learning too~ And he's helping you all flex and flow~
Love, sweet love and prayers! Mom