Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ordinary days

God gave me these four children as a blessing.
I don't deserve them.  They are great kids.  Really.
I pray that I would enjoy them and savor these young years.
It's already gone so quickly.
It's sped by!  Just a second ago I was holding my twin in the crook of my arms
in the hospital.  
Now, they're 6 years old, in first grade.
Being a mom certainly isn't glamorous.
Baby blow outs will put you down a notch or two.
A sink bath after such blow outs and a splashy baby
always makes the poop mess so much better.

Have I mentioned that Marc has entered the squirrely, giggly stage of kidhood?
Yep!  That silly, uncontrollable laughing about who knows what is here!
It's pretty amusing at times.

She is such a great help with Toby.
When I just can't hold him or tend to him right away,
she will keep him occupied until I can.
She loves it, can you tell?

School time makes for a hungry mama.
Sight word flashcards for the kids,
a bowl of oatmeal for me!

On our walk the other day, we saw this little fella on the shore 
of the intercoastal.
These guys are everywhere right now.
I think it's mating season or something.

Toby's feet are so adorable to me!
They are always moving.  Always.

I spy with my little eye not one, but two bald heads.
Like father, like son, eh?


Olivia said...

Haha! What a fun post! Love those little blessings ♥

Laurie said...

Presh!!! Silly fun lovin' blessings and Mama and Daddy blessings! Funny peek-a-boo Toby! Darling heads!
Maybe no glamor, but oh the love, sweet love!
Love to all!

tsbjf said...

Cool post! Oh man, those blow outs. They're something, aren't they!