Friday, March 12, 2010

here's the thing: scribbles and masterpieces

My mom's post by the same title is the inspiration for this one. I don't have any masterpieces to share with you but I do have lots of lists and scribbles! I am a list-maker. I make lists of all sorts! I even make duplicates of lists, especially grocery lists. I will make grocery lists on my white board on the fridge, in tiny notebooks I find floating around the house. I will type them into my MemoPad on my phone and, when I have it all organized I will make my final list with the help of scissors, weekly ads clippings and tape. I have a GROCERY notebook devoted for just such lists!
This is a wishlist found in one of my little notebooks of preschool homeschool books I wish to purchase.
A menu plan from several months past.
My phone boasts several lists that I've "jotted" down as I've been out and about. I will see things or hear things that I wish to look up online when I get home. I will type out prices of things to compare at the next store I go to. I will even put in restaurants I wish to visit sometime in the future as I drive by them. My phone is one part of my brain that I rely on for more than just texting and phone conversations.
These lists below are the ones I'm most proud of but feel a little vulnerable sharing them. I know I'm a crazy person and now I'm admitting it! Yes, I do cut out the items I am going to buy at our local grocery stores from their weekly ad. I put them on the paper in order of aisle and section that I will visit first and tape them onto the notebook page. THIS is the way that I keep myself organized as I compare prices, sort through my already sorted coupons for the store I'm at and also keep my kiddos from being, well, kids in the store!

This, my friends, is my lucky green notebook that happens to be my grocery "brains" every week! Notebooks are my friends!
So, do you make lists and notes like my mom and grandma and me? Are a "crafty" list maker like I am or are you more traditional in your listing? Do you find lists that you had previously lost a few months ago? I do that too! Lists are fun to make! I love to sit down with a pen and paper and made my lists as presentable as I can. Sometimes, while I am planning out my list and carefully writing it out I wonder, if it were to fall out of the cart or out of my purse on the way out the door, would someone pick it up and think, "Wow! This person must be methodical." Or would they think, "What odd food they eat!" Yes, I do think that "deeply" about my lists. I am a crazy! I know that. But you still love me.


Laurel said...

I looked and looked for a certain post from Ann Voskamp where she talks about list making... can't find it! But I did find this post, where she describes how she combines journalling/list-making. I thought you might like it -

Laurie said...

Yeah, I still love you!
You are a List Queen Mama!
It's not crazy at all!
You have good list making skills!

Olivia Arlene said...

I am so not a list maker. But wow, your grocery list is so organized! That's great!

Anonymous said...

Hello from the wonderful city of Salina - - -from an elderly list maker - - - let me assure that it can get better as your children grow older - - - my list making continues to be an issue of sanity - - in fact one very elderly woman (75) stated that her mother made a list every evening before she went to bed and often wondered if that was actually extending her life because she had purpose - - - -probably some truth to it, although I realize our days are numbered by our Lord. Now, onto my list making thoughts. I wonder if you have figured out who this long-winded woman is. LOL - that means laugh out loud. and did you know that ASAP could mean Always Say a Prayer - how witty - - and the best auto sticker I have seen is "If you love Jesus - tithe ---anyone can honk" And now back to lists. Even though I am in the MENS group (menopausal empty nest syndrome) I STILL make a list every night - - -it is short, but it is a list and I ALWAYS complete the list the next day. Now, there are some things which are not needed on my list. For example - - -I know that Tuesday is DAT Club (dusting America on Tuesday) and Wed is CABOW Club (cleaning American's bathrooms on WEd) soooo you see the house even in the empty nest stage is never completely clean, but always something done every day. There is no shopping list because my husband enjoys gallavanting through the grocery aisles and I do not. WOW , have our roles changed or what. Well, this has certainly been fun and I do believe I could bump Chonda Pierce out of Christian comedy, because I have many, many hysterical stories to tell with a Christian twist at the end - - but I am not on the road, yet. I did wash my cell phone this past week and the perma press cycle did not treat it well. Hallelujah for cheap trac phones. Have a blessed day and you are my very first comment ever to a blog or whatever this is.I am quite sure a phone call would have been faster and maybe even more fun. Do you forward this to others or shoudl I sign a HIPPA form to keep it private.

If anyone thinks I am funny, let me know, because maybe this is my Chonda beginning. I will have a table of CDs set up. Just come on by. Laughing in Jesus - - -does anyone know me yet????

Just Passing Through said...

Tab, I think your list making skills are WONDERFUL! I am glad to note that I am not the only addicted list maker. I always keep my running list, then before I go to the store I like to rewrite it in the order of #1 the store I will go to #2 the order of the aisles I will travel in the store. I also make lists of things I need to accomplish during the days and I LOVE CROSSING OFF EACH ITEM AS IT"S ACCOMPLISHED.
As a note: you have "mad" skills Lady. If you ever need employment in the future you would make a dream Personal Assistant for some high-powered exec.

Anonymous said...

hello - - this will probably be my last comments to a blog - - since the computer will soon leave my household - - - ahhhh - - so i will make the most of my space!!!! hope everyone had a spiritual sunday - - remember every day should have a special name - - marvelous monday, tremendous tuesday, wonderful wednesday, thankful thursday, fabulous friday, super saturday, and of course spiritual sunday - - - today the grandblessings were taught the 2fish and 5bread story with great pizazz, as only Bible stories should be told - - and french toast sticks for breakfast(homemade) , princess awoke with a headache and thus she was encouraged to rest - - grandblessings played and enjoyed buttercream gang movie(feature family films), then this afternoon grandpa and grandma took them to museum where they did some really fun hands on activites, then the art center where they continued the hands on creativity, $ general for a few neat books, and home - - -some of the grandma memories are -----salma taking my hand and saying "grandma - i love you and you are the best" and faesal saying "thank you kindly, grandma" - - - and i am convinced just as chuck swindoll said years ago that life is "90% attitude" - - -it really is our reaction, the reaction we choose to have and so in the midst of life's trials we have a choice - - praise Him Who is worthy to be praised or decline praise and reap the consequences - - which are many. and if the hands of time could be turned back, i would always choose to praise Him, but alas, I, like others, have often chosen to decline. thus this journey of life continues to be a challenge, but one the Lord is always up to. thanks to all for lisstening and have a marvelous monday !!!!!
a little old lady in kansas

Laurie said...

Dear Anonymous,
The second comment gave your anonymity away, but I had it with the first one except you threw me a bit by referring to yourself as "elderly"!
I'm thinking you need to visit blog comments more often now that you took the first step! Better yet, set up a blog and invite others to laugh along!!

Neli said...

1. Anonymous ... yes you are HILARIOUS : ) 2. Tab - you are NOT crazy! you are SMART! I have been trying to get into makin lists... my lists consist of a paper on the fridge that i write items on as they run out.... that's it... however, i dont even keep up with that one! You need to teach me! I am trying to get into couponing also.... I am not very good at it tho... I just saved $35 this week at publix... however... still spent a ton more... i dont think that's how it's suppsoed to work... I also want to get into meal planning.... As you can see... I need a lot of Help! Maybe that's why the Lord brought you over here to help me be more sane... or... more crazy? as you put it : ) I'llhave to make a note to ask you about all of this when I see you on friday. : ) xo