Monday, September 26, 2011

is that dirt?

While at Izaac's birthday party,
Naomi and Henry decided it would be
great fun to slide in and throw dirt.
It wasn't just dirt though, it was soot and dirt
because where they were playing was
right next to a grill!
They even wiped some on their faces like war paint.
I was tempted to get really irritated but
chose to chill since
they were at a park and it was fun!
I didn't let them continue since they had put it on their
faces but I did get a good chuckle out of it.
Especially Naomi's face.
She was filthy!
Marcail had NOTHING to do with her sibling's antics.
It was amusing watching her observe them with
a look of both disgust and confusion.

Neli snapped a picture of the kids and me at the party.
Someone was having an attitude about picture time....
There's always someone being a stinker!


Laurie said...

Give 'em a pile-o-dirt and well, you know...
I love you, Tab.

Olivia said...

Seems like N is usually the stinker lol ;)

Cute pictures!

tsbjf said...

Seth would have been lovin those two; one of his favorite things to do in the backyard is to try and sneak over to the used charcoal pile and play in it. Filthy in no time flat.